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We deliver 20 or 40 foot containers direct to your door. They are perfect for home or business storage, and we guarantee you will get the lowest monthly payments in your area!

Rent To Own

Your monthly rent-to-own payments go towards your ownership of the container in 1, 2 or 3 years. All for a monthly rate that is less than the cost of renting at a self storage facility!

Buy It Now

No waiting for a quote! We’ve listed our very best pricing for you including delivery. Purchase instantly and securely. Our marketplace protection policy guarantees your total satisfaction.

The Innovative ShippingContainer.World Marketplace Has: Better Containers, More Locations & The Best Pricing!

We’ve got the highest quality new and used containers you want.

With more container depots, we blow away the competition.


Fast 3 to 7 Day Delivery

Professionally Delivered To Your Home or Business

Let our superstar team of professionals do the heavy lifting. The world’s largest and most trusted shipping container marketplace ensures that your container is delivered right to the ground using a tilt-bed trailer. All of our drivers are licensed, bonded and insured so that your container arrives in great shape, exactly the way it should.

*Delivery days are approximate business days excluding holidays from the date your payment clears. Special orders and container surveys take extra time. Delivery dates are not guaranteed, but we promise to work hard to ensure your total satisfaction. It’s easy to see what’s going on with ShippingContainer.World’s online shipping container delivery tracking or contact us.

A Safer Place To Buy Containers

Buying a shipping container is no small purchase. Fortunately, at the Shipped Marketplace your orders are always covered. Across cities, countries or continents, our iron-clad Marketplace Protection Policy ensures your safety and 100% satisfaction on every purchase.

  • Delivery Assurance
  • 100% Fraud Protection

  • Secure Online Payments
  • A Verified & Rated Seller
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

All Types Of Shipping Containers Are Available

20′ Standard

20′ High-Cube

20′ Double Doors

20′ Open Side

40′ Standard

40′ High-Cube

40′ Double Doors

40′ Open Side

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The shipping container industry waited a long time for this marketplace. I personally know the principals behind the site and have assisted in it’s development. I love saving time and money and ShippingContainer.World makes it easy for anyone to find the very best conex shipping container deals around the world.

In spending a great deal of time exploring the functionality of the site and working multiple transactions from beginning to end, there’s no doubt that ShippingContainer.World has come up with a site that revolutionizes the way that people buy shipping containers. The site is responsive, intuitive and engineered to precision. Well done gentlemen.
In the same way that the airlines are using internet gateways like Priceline to sell their extra seats, shipping container vendors are able to offer their containers through the Shipped Marketplace direct to us. We really feel great being able to choose from such a diverse range of offers.

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Build Up Your Home With New Or Used Shipping Containers

There exists a growing trend of people buying new and used shipping containers and turning them into homes. Some people even use them for underground bunkers. You can get an individual shipping container and turn it into a residence, or really get creative. Shipping Container World provides different types of new and used shipping containers which can be converted into residences. Which are the great things about owning a shipping container home?

Space For Storing

When located in your container home, you have to leave ample room for storage. But the positive aspect of these containers is that you have storage on wheels. You could always move your container home completely to another location without difficulty. Which enables your own home semi-mobile, but extremely sturdy. That is a win-win combination.

Easily Modified

You can add on to your house when you like. It is possible to combine 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers, too. In fact, you need to understand the several types of containers available. It is very important mention, however, that some of the packing containers are rarer as opposed to others. That is certainly also why you want to network having a company that carries them all. Furthermore you get to pick the particular container, however, you get to pick out the problem.


The expense for building materials for new construction homes have skyrocketed. Constructing a brand new home is not for everyone, or possibly is it? If you decide to use shipping containers to create your brand new home, the expense will probably be much lower. Individuals are thinking beyond the box, and that’s ironic considering these boxes are being used to construct homes. The shipping container homes do must be insulated, however they come equipped with flooring.


Shipping containers are constructed from steel, and therefore ensures they are very durable. They withstand the weather quite nicely, and they provide proper protection. Used shipping containers have traveled the open seas carrying a myriad of cargo, including fragile items. When it comes to strength and durability, these shipping containers are about just like it gets.


How is located in a shipping container home environmentally friendly? First, you would be living in a recycled container. In other words, you’re not simply recycling your trash. You are living in a recycled home. All you need are a few solar panels and additional insulation. You may be all set. The time has come to begin contemplating how you need to set up your shipping container home.

Final Thoughts

You may have quite a lot of choices when it comes to building your shipping container home. You may also make contact with contractors to help bring this dream to fruition. When you are a do-it-yourself type person, this is the perfect project for yourself, too. Enjoy building your perfect container home. However, you ought to get in touch with the proper supplier. In such a case, the correct supplier is Shipping Container World. Thanks for reading.